Nursery Concepts Using Toile Designs


Choose a wall color that works well with your toile choice. Black and white toile patterns can accommodate myriad wall colors, including vibrant pink or lime green. Yellow and blue toile patterns work well with a muted blue or yellow shade. Crimson and creme toile works nicely with mint or sage-colored wallsNursery Ideas Using Toile Designs. Use paint swatches to determine your best match, or purchase samples of paint that you can try

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on your walls for an even better indication of how the color will work in your home.


Infant bedding often comes in a set that includes a sheet, crib skirt, bumper and blanket. Look for toile bedding that compliments your choice of wall color. You could also choose bedding that is reversible- one side with a toile design and one without. A reversible pattern would allow you to alter the design easily.


Look for toile designs on lampshades, crib mobilesNursery Tips Using Toile Designs, diaper holders, photo frames, and pillows. Some furniture pieces, including rockers and gliders, come upholstered in a toile design.


Use one toile pattern to keep the room from looking too busy. Use accessories in solid colors that match or coordinate with

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the toile design.

Nursery Concepts Using Toile Designs

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