Bed Art Projects

Miniature Furniture

Miniature beds are useful items for doll houses or clever accessories for toys and dolls. For an art-project display, build several miniature beds for an imaginary family using the same theme but slight variations to represent different family members. As an example, a series of fairy beds might be made of moss and compact pebble, but the baby's bed may have a miniature teddy bear accessory when the teenager sister's bed may possess a pink-petal pillowcase. One more option is usually to build miniature beds using compact found objects. A cotton ball serves as a mattress although a matchbox is a modest bed frame.

Bedding Projects

Instead of purchasing bedding or quilts from a store, design an art project in which you design and make a quilt that reflects your personality, interests or art inspirations. The simplest option is to purchase a white, cotton blanket or quilt and use fabric paints or markers to color on the bedding. For more advanced artists, quilting projects using scraps of old clothing
or other blankets is a suitable option for a patchwork blanket. To get a more intricate design, sketch out a drawing on a blanket having a fabric pen and then cross stitch

Pink and Brown Baby Bedding

the design into a colorful quilt.

Dream Machine Projects

Beds are a location for both sleeping and dreaming, and one option to get a bed-art project would be to transform a simple headboard into an inspiration board for dreaming. Decoupage-art projects involve gluing layers of colored paper scraps onto a flat surface like a headboard or foot board to make a permanent collageBed Art Projects. Scraps may be from magazine advertisements, book clippings, newspapers, photographs or wall paper. Collect scraps that make you feel calm, relaxedBed Art Projects, inspired or creative, and decorate a flat headboard to turn a regular bed into a dream machine. If you don't have access to a headboard, use the scraps to decorate the headboard of a drawing instead.

Bed Stories

Beds are highly personal spaces that have the potential to reveal information about the bed's owner. To combine both art skills and story telling skills, design a project in which a drawing of a bed or possibly a diorama of a bed reveals a story about the person who sleeps there. For example, a diorama of a bed might include rich satin sheets, a crystal chandelier over the center of the bed and a pink diary on the nightstand opened to a page about attending a movie premiere. When the pieces are presented, invite other students to write down a handful of sentences about the stories revealed from the drawing or diorama.

Bed Art Projects






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