How To Get A Bedside Sleeper


Search around for different prices on bedside sleepers. Check out baby gear retailers, such as Babies "R" Us and Target, as well as the online stores Babystyle and Baby Direct.


Consider a used bedside sleeper. Manufacturers recommend that once the child can roll over, the bedside sleeper should not be used anymore. Therefore, many bedside sleepers are gently used. Find a used version at a yard sale or on eBay.


Get a bedside sleeper that can double as a bassinet. Arm's Reach has a bedside sleeper that can be converted to a bassinet. One side is detachable and can be secured in spot when away from the parent's bedHow to Obtain a Bedside Sleeper.


Read the measurements of the bedside sleeper. The bedside sleeper needs to accommodate
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the height of one's bed. Measure your bed's height and compare it to the bedside sleeper that you have in mind.


Check the weight and height restrictions. Bigger babies {|} are usually not able to make use of a bedside sleeper. Babies over 25 pounds should not sleep in a bedside sleeperHow to Decide to buy a Bedside Sleeper.

How To Get A Bedside Sleeper

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