Sewing Projects For Crib Dust Ruffles

Sewing Projects For Crib Dust Ruffles

Sewing From Scratch

A crib dust ruffle is not difficult to make. It consists of a piece of material called a "platform" that lies in between the mattress and the box spring, and an attached skirt that hangs from the platform to the floor on all four sides with the crib. If you want to sew your own crib dust ruffle, you can variety "free crib dust ruffle pattern" into your Internet browser to find instructions, or acquire a pattern online or at a local fabric store.

Making a Dust Ruffle Without All the Ruffles

Crib dust ruffles don't have to be literally ruffled. You can make or invest in your dust ruffle sans gathers, with the edge joining the platform and the skirt being either flat or pleated. Or, you can have the best of both worlds by leaving the seam ungathered, but creating inverted pleats at each corner with the crib. Using a contrasting or coordinating fabric for the pleats is a nice touch.

Going for Double the Ruffles

If you're sewing your own dust ruffle, take into consideration making two layered ruffles instead of one particular: a shorter ruffle over a longer 1. You may possibly want to use coordinating prints, a print and a solid, or two solids that reflect the color scheme in the nursery. Cotton fabrics work best: Gingham, dotted Swiss, and eyelet are just a few possibilities, in addition to the scads of nursery prints available online and in fabric stores.

Adding a Signature Touch

Whether you purchase a dust ruffle or sew your ownSewing Projects for Crib Dust Ruffles, you can make it unique by applying appliques that match your nursery decor to the skirt. Attach simple appliques you create yourself using iron-on fusing fabric cut in the same shape as the applique, and finish the edges from the applique with blanket stitching. Alternatively, you can turn under the raw edges of each applique 1/4 inch and machine stitch the applique to the skirt.

Dressing Up the Hemline

Another possibility would be to dress
up the skirt using a border you create using fabric paint, or stitch one or additional rows of rick-rack or grosgrain ribbon along the bottom edge from the skirt (stitch close to both extended edges of ribbon; make 1 row of stitching through the middle

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for rick-rack). Purchased trims are yet another selection. Check out the selection in your local fabric store, which will likely include eyeletSewing Projects for Crib Dust Ruffles, lace and other decorative trims. Just sew along the hemline in the skirt, and you're done.

Sewing Projects For Crib Dust Ruffles






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